B2B social media marketing is being practiced by many corporates today. Though the traditional B2B providers were more about word of mouth marketing, the scene has now changed. With the millennial taking over the helm of many such businesses, and the reach of social media all too well known, it is increasingly being used for creating brand awareness.

Here are some tips that will help you to create and increase brand awareness with B2B Social Media Marketing: 

Content For The Audience :

Content for the customers is always written. However what if, on your social media page you write about your customers? You may create a video or video-spotlights about the clients. You may even create a white paper or case studies showcasing how the B2B services provided helped them.

These white papers, videos and case studies act as recommendations and people tend to believe users more then self-created promotional content. Studies reveal that 83% of consumers, in fact, trust such recommendations over advertising. Moreover, it lends a more authentic feel to the. 

Researched And Authentic Content Matter:

Originality is hands down the requirement of every B2B decision-maker. When it comes to content, especially B2B social marketing, 74% of B2B marketers find original research influential. More importantly, branded content is considered second only to peer recommendations

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Informative Content For Free 

The B2B is a content-driven market. Unlike the B2C segment, the B2B market looks for information. After all its about investment for them. This holds true for B2B social media marketing too. If a  B2B provider lets prospects download a case study for reference or a technical white paper for information, the benefit of this act is two way.

The prospect understands the authenticity of the B2B entity and they themselves benefit in terms of information. 

B2B Brand Building On Social Media

B2B social media optimization goes a long way in acing the company’s social media branding and awareness creation. Social media not only exposes the B2B businesses to the whole virtual world but also to the relevant audience. 

Earlier when an interested prospect made queries, they had to wait for answers. However, social media ends this wait as with chat and call options open, now prospects can interact directly and get the answers they are looking for. However social media can be risky too one wrong step on social media can diminish the brand value too.

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Crisis Management

When it comes to crisis management, social media can prove to be a strong tool. Since B2B businesses often fall prey to hoaxes and panic spreads like wildfire, B2B social media marketing platforms can be used to rest doubts. This also acts as the platform for making crucial announcements so curb fears amongst stakeholders.

On the other hand, B2B businesses can also use their social media platforms for the management of the brand’s reputation. 

Leverage On Influencers

As a B2B company, social media platforms will open you up for the whole virtual world. What you need to understand here is that though prospects and customers are obviously contacted here, social media platforms also home leading domain experts. 

Thus it is a great advantage for the B2B company to interact with bloggers and journalists who actively write and create content in the domain. Hence B2B companies need to leverage on the reach and build strong relationships with relevant media contacts. 

B2B Social Media Marketing For Reputation Management

Social media with its reach, influence, and followers online B2B companies must monitor the major social networks and forums. Make the most of social media professional tools to track mentions and listen to customer queries.


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